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Grand Final's done. I'm disappointed. I'm also happy. The fact that Iceland got 20th place really pissed me off. It was a genuinely good song. Annd on the other hand, a lot of my predictions were wrong. I thought a lot of crappy songs would break into the Top 10, and they didn't.

I picked the right winner and got 3 other songs right. So I think my art debt comes to like...19 pictures (theoretically, I should be able to do 25-33%). 4 pictures to whoever bothers to comment in the next 24 hours (May 27, 2012 6:45PM CST).

Real Top 10(ranked)
1. Sweden ->…
2. Russia ->… (BIG surprise. Honestly. Wow.)
3. Serbia ->…
4. Azerbaijan ->… (The REAL Girl on Fire)
5. Albania  ->… ("CHAAAAIIIIII")
6. Estoina ->… (Another surprise. A pleasant surprise)
7. Turkey ->…
8. Germany ->…
9. Italy ->…
10. Spain ->…

I can't believe 4/6 auto-qualifiers made the Top 10.
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I have unexpectedly become the proud owner of a...somewhat used ps3! Finally XD. Working on setting everything up atm, as well as nicking games from my sister's house and such. But our ps3's should be friends :D (My username is doublespotted, which you would never be able to guess I am sure).
Wruff Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
This is most pleasing. Yes. -scurries off to PS3-
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